About Us

Established in 2007, Donnely Investments is an international consolidated global financial advisory, fund administrator and venture management firm providing a wide range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes both local and international corporations, financial institutions, government and other organizations. Donnely Investments is an international Rome-based investment company dedicated to being a distinctive and trusted provider of asset management solutions for individual and institutional investors.


Our goal is to offer clients high-quality investment strategies
that have generated compelling performance
and meet multiple financial needs.        
To achieve this, we engage
a multi-executive, multi-strategy method
that provides a comprehensive range of investment strategies from affiliated executives and hand-picked sub-advisers.

Both our founders, executives and management combine over 35 years of involvement and knowledge in the industry modernizing and enhancing the value of our customers' businesses. We work to advance enduring associations that will permit our customers to grow side by side with Donnely Investments. Each of our investment associates has a distinct investment viewpoint and style, with aptitude and discipline that have been verified through market series and authenticated by performance over period. Significantly, they all share a solid and steadfast vow to stockholder achievement.

We combine our profound domain knowhow with devoted internal operating funds to transform and shape prodigious corporations of lasting value in association with administration.
Donnely Investments finances in middle market development companies, headquartered primarily in the United States, Europe and Asia, solely in four sectors: Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare and Technology and Business Solutions.

Our Philosophy
and Morals

Donnely Investments is based on a groundwork of cooperation, transparency, trustworthiness, deference and modesty. We conduct business in a forthright and transparent way, working with management groups, stockholders and co-workers as true and accountable associates. Our cooperative philosophy is a point of variation and a significant factor in our achievement.
We are privately owned by our associates, who are also noteworthy stockholders in our resources, bring into line our welfares with our limited associates and management groups. With a continuing and enduring understanding, we think and act as business proprietors, not just submissive wealth earners. 

                Why Donnely Investments?

For our customers, MARINVA offers and delivers a modified method with an accent on education and evocative, continuing exchange of ideas. Our brilliant financial consultants average more than 10 years of knowledge in a diversity of fiscal disciplines and work collaboratively to bring custom-made wealth supervision approaches to each customer. Our greater, devoted group is dedicated to delivering a high level of organizational support and customer service. With an average group occupancy of more than 10 years, we offer the firmness and steadiness our customers expect and warrant in a longstanding, reliable association as we provide the following major features:


Our multi-directors, multi-strategy method gives customers access to distinctive funding policies from autonomous executives.


We have the suppleness, nimbleness, and receptiveness of a financing management company with the product extensiveness, distribution range, and capitals of bigger businesses.


Our model is founded on the essential belief that investment experts and authorities who function in a situation that permits for the suitable emphasis and philosophy can create bearable, superior proceeds for our customers.


Use of autonomous investment executives offers value and excellence and aids to guarantee impartiality and fairness.


Focus on the exclusive requirements of considerable institutional and private stockholders.


Engage a firm vow to truthfulness and bespoke amenity.

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