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The financing and scheduling challenges confronted by our customers do not offer themselves to shared solutions.
At Donnelly Investment , we have a hand-picked group of experienced experts who appreciate and comprehend the exceptional necessities of high-net-worth customers. Our corporate is relationship-emphasized serving our customers hedge, monetize, and exit situations to expand and pursue to reserve wealth. This necessitates extensive and significant preparation and strategy and therefore, we take a modified and all-inclusive method to advance made-to-order, expanded portfolios. 

Project Capital
Management Services

An effective financing program is the product of selfless preparation and incessant oversight.
While investment tendencies come and go, we counsel our customers to be well-organized and logical in their investment method.
Donnelly Investment includes the following amenities:

· Support and guidance to startup companies and Bridges the gap between entrepreneurs and venture capitalists;
· Complete business management for businesspersons and provides to any corporate size and industry;
· Building of portfolios intended to balance proceeds, risk, and liquidity strictures founded on each customer's exclusive requirements;
· Product sourcing in an extensive diversity of wealth modules and from numerous sources and incessantly evaluate new possibilities that may add value in customer portfolios; and,
· Complete set of amenities, from strategic fund provision to all-inclusive presentation and risk writing. 

Fund Advisory
and Administration

Through the scope and length of our knowledge, we have established continuing associations with administrators and profound industry knowhow, which ease due diligence, funding decision making, and our capability to add value functionally. Our groups are organized into industry groups to improve our field information and facts. We have confidence in that industry knowhow makes us improved stockholders and more value-added associates for portfolio business executive groups.

Under Fund Advisory, Donnelly Investment offers and delivers the following services:
· Exploring, evaluating and endorsing possible acquirers or targets to customers and Negotiating, recording and concluding dealings;
· Appraising the bases of increase wealth and Formulating all field materials and handling all communications with possible or target stockholders; and,
· Scrutinizing the ideal equity and debt status of a business and Evolving the all-inclusive refinancing and reorganization strategies.

For Fund Administration, Donnelly Investment undertakes the following explicit services:
· Complete series of fund supervision from once-a-month book-keeping and writing, Viability Study groundwork and tax returns groundwork and Accommodates and Serves to all types of capitals;
· Day-to-day and regular Situation Settlement between overseer records and numerous major dealers and Harmonization and communication of topics; and,
· Scheduled Once-a-month or four times a year monitoring acquiescence reports and Board meeting proceedings and validation letters groundwork. 

the Funding Procedure

Donnelly Investment is a Madrid-based investment company providing funding support in middle-market growth corporations and businesses, headquartered primarily in America, Europe and Asia, in four sectors: Consumer, Financial Services, Healthcare, and Technology and Business Solutions.
We associate with management groups to shape great businesses and corporations of lifelong value and endeavor to create greater proceeds for our stockholders on the basis of our profound sector knowhow.

· Consumer - We have wide-ranging knowledge financing customer businesses across a series of sub-sectors, and our existing emphasis areas include customer cyber space and markets, food and drink, food technology, home amenities and eCommerce capability.

· Financial Services - We emphasize on technology-enabled amenities, with existing importance on capital administration, insurance amenities and expense dispensation.

· Healthcare - Our involvement and knowledge in healthcare includes medical services, healthcare Information Technology, multi-location healthcare workers, drugs, medical devices, diagnostics, and customer healthcare. We provide funding support behind justifiable inclinations such as macro demand evolution, refining competence system-wide, cost restraint and control, care harmonization, and the client-focused of healthcare, all with an accent on high value maintenance.

· Technology and Business Solutions - We invest in technology and technology-enabled businesses across multiple sub-sectors including application and infrastructure software, automation, data and analytics, information services, and online marketplaces. For Business Solutions, we consider a range of business services and currently focus on information technology services and human capital managers. 

Donnelly Investment


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