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Our Team


We, at Donnely Investments, profit from a lean but very knowledgeable team focused primarily on Europe, Asia and Africa middle market mergers and acquisitions, with over 20 experts and a wide-ranging global network of managerial associations and business affiliations. Our Managing Executives and Managers average over two aeras of pertinent and appropriate knowledge. We trust this level of seniority, knowledge and steadiness boosts and augments our investment decision and overall achievement. 

Special Resource Team

At Donnely Investments, this Team is a devoted group of experienced senior experts and specialists with functioning and consulting experiences. This in-house operating group offers a wide-ranging set of accessible amenities in critical areas such as human wealth administration and structural plan, technology and modernization, go-to-market strategy and implementation, processes and efficiency, Merger and Acquisition incorporation and cross portfolio amenities.

Our resource Team assists to categorize significant progress, operating and organizational ingenuities associating with our management teams to execute important elements of this value generation plan determined to bring into line organizational plan and management motivation programs with the strategic purposes supporting and sustaining our financing proposition. This process enables Donnely Investments to support its portfolio businesses classify, complete and assimilate follow-on acquisitions. In addition, we have established noteworthy cross-portfolio amenity offerings in supply chain administration and purchase, healthcare design strategy and data technology. 

Operational Engagement

Our groups of investment and working specialists and experts’ function with portfolio corporate management groups to categorize and execute structural, functional and strategic developments and progresses. We convey knowhow in critical areas such as human wealth management and structural plan, go-to-market strategy and implementation, technology and modernization, processes and efficiency, merger and acquisition, amalgamation and cross-portfolio amenities.

Our Stockholders 

Our worldwide stockholder base comprises some of the world’s important public and business retirement fund resources, autonomous wealth capitals, financial foundations, bequests and high net value families. This varied and expanded stockholder base is a valuable advantage, providing additional co-financing capital as well as awareness and associations advantageous to our portfolio businesses and corporations. The established contacts and associations we have with our stockholders are a foundation stone of our corporate model.


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